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We offer a wide range of babywraps with exclusive blends with quality on a highes level.
Due to the work process, our yarns are swiss origin. All our yarns are dyed in Switzerland.

Our cotton and linen raw-material comes from greek and is spun and dyed in Switzerland.
When we use yarn composites with cotton, we use long staple supima cotton from the USA. The processing occur in Switzerland.

The silk cocons of the mulberry silkworm is gained in China. This challenging cultivation is a side job, which concur their alimentation. No factory farming. The silkworms are very tender and picky. Because silkworms are insects, they won’t tolerate any pesticides and only eat freshly picked mulberry leaves.
If there are non perfect conditions, the worms produce cocons with poor quality or die, which the farmers can’t afford. From the cocons first will be gained the endless silk (unwound) and the remaining fibres are processed and spun in Switzerland. The residual cocons are used for fish farms and nothing will be waisted.

Seaweed (SeaCell™)
SeaCell is a ‚manmade‘ fibre.  Made through lyocell proceedes, made out of cellulose and  alga. This fibre is processed in Germany and manufactured in Italy. The final processing occur in Switzerland. The yarn is dyed in Switzerland.

Bamboo Viscose is processed in China (fibre), where bamboo grows naturally best. From the renewable raw materials, the processing is similar to other Viscose and Lyocell fibres. A ‘manmade’ fibre, which is manufactured out of a fast renewable natural resource.

Our Alpaca comes from Peru where the animals live in their families. They are well cared and cherished.
Alpaca wool is disposes unique thermo-features. Due to the hollow fibre, Alpaca wool has a big isolation and a first class thermal-property. During freezing temperatures Alpaca wool saves the body heat better than any other wool. During hot days the fibre shed heat and creates a perfect heat compensation.
Fabric with Alpaca wool are perfect for winter and summer as well.

The camel fibre is gained in China (through combing), processed in Europe, mixed and further processed and spun in Switzerland. The camels live in nomadic family association. The animals are the basic of their lives and are accordingly well cared and cherished.

Our cashmere is gained in China. The cashmere goats live with nomadic family association. They are the basic of their lives and accordingly well cared and cerished.

Our merino wool comes from South Africa. In South Africa mulesing is not practised like in Australia or New Zealand. The processing occur in Italy and Great Britain and finished in Switzerland. Our vendor has an acknowledge with every farmer, where every farmer sign personally, that they not use mulesing procedure.

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