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Draws to purchase

Maybe you met the word “Draw” at Facebook before and asked yourself what it means?
Draws are a popular way to draw the rights to purchase a woven wrap. We announce our products usually via facebook. In our announcement posts you can find a link to a form, where you can choose your requested size, fill in your name, address, paypal mailaddress and so on. We close the draw after a specific time. Sometimes this are hours or days, sometimes only a few minutes. Afterwards the draw winner will be choosen random. If you get an invoice you won the draw and can now purchase the wrap. Usually there is a limited time to pay the invoice. If you do not pay within this time, the wrap will be drawn again.

To join the “Draws to purchase” is firm. Please choose carefully before you send the draw form. If you join a multiple times without paying afterwards, you can be disqualified for future draws.

We currently announce our draws to purchase through our facebook page: www.facebook.com/neisna.com

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