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100% Made in Switzerland

To produce a high-quality babywrap, excellent raw materials are required. We only buy yarn from the best suppliers and producers from Switzerland.

We produce our babywraps in Switzerland only. This means that all of our yarns meet the conditions of  "Swissness" . Another advantage of on-site production is that we can keep to and check that we are meeting our ethical and environmental protection requirements, making adjustments accordingly whenever necessary

Luxusgarne auf Strangen

Hochwertige Garne auf Konen


After we decide for a yarn, we make examples in the weaving mill. These will be checked by us. If we are happy with the quality, we dye the yarns in a small traditional family-run dying fabric in cantons of grisons. Therefore the yarn need to be on a thread. After dyeing the yarns will be spooled on cones, ready for the weaving mill.

Tragetuch auf dem Webstuhl

Tragetuch-Meterware auf Rollen

Zuschneiden ist Handarbeit

Our babywraps are woven on modern jacquard weaving looms. Afterwards the woven material goes through merchandise controlling and we pick up the rolls at the mill. The wraps are sewed in a sewing room in Switzerland. Once the wraps are ready, they get back to us and photos will be made to get ready for sale!


Stickerei auf einem Ring Sling


Sometimes we dye our yarns by ourselfes. For example our confetti silk yarn. This silk is made in Switzerland and dyed in hand work.

Von Hand gefärbte Confettiseide

Confettiseide auf Strangen

Confettiseide-Konen, fertig zum Verweben

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