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Maybe you met the word "Draw to purchase" at Facebook before and asked yourself what it means?
Draws are a popular way to draw the rights to purchase a woven wrap.

At Neisna we call it "Wishlist".

We announce our products usually via facebook. In our announcement posts you can find a link to the shop, where you can choose your requested size and enter the list. You need to have a account at Neisna and must be logged-in. We close the wishlist after a specific time. Sometimes hours or days, sometimes only a few minutes. Afterwards the winners will be choosen by random. If you get an invoice you can now purchase the wrap. Usually there is a limited time to pay the invoice. If you do not pay within this time, the wrap will be drawn again. Normally the time to pay is around 24 hrs.

To join the "wishlist" is firm. Please choose carefully before you send the draw form. If you join a multiple times without paying afterwards, you can be disqualified for future draws.

Please note:
- If you are looking for help, you also need a seperate wishlist entry for yourself.  If there is only a entry of the helping person of you, your entry must be cancelled.
- If you redeem a wishticket, you can't enter for a friend of THIS size. For all other sizes you are able to give help.
- If you want to redeem a voucher for your invoice, please contact us through e-mail BEFORE paying your order. Once payment is made, voucher can't be added anymore.
- If you want to know, who won your invoice (you or your helping friend), contact us through e-mail, we are happy to tell you :-)
- If you made a mistake while entering the wishlist, you can mail us and we delete or change your entry.


You can get a Wish-Ticket (short: WT) in some special situations. Sometimes we raffle a WT.
With your Wish-Ticket you have the right of preemption of a wrap and size of your choice. Availability assumed. If you are the owner of a WT and want to redeem it on a release, you must send an e-mail to mail@neisna.swiss as soon as possible. The amount of redeemable wish-tickets per release is limited.
Due to a huge amount of wish-ticket requests, we remain reserve to choose the invoice winners with a WT randomly.
Wish-tickets are intransferable. You can redeem a WT on every online sale or release via shop.neisna.swiss. You can't redeem a WT on a fair and such events.


Did you ever met the word "draw-help"? If you want to win the right to purchase a babywrap, your friends might help you. Your chance to win an invoice is bigger. Your helping persons do not need an account on Neisna. They simply need to enter the name of the helped person in the proper field on the form.
Anyone can offer help. If you want to help someone, please remind to enter ONLY once per size.


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